Commercial Industry Services

Las Vegas Commercial Doors, Restrooms, Storefront, Automatic Doors & More

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV provides high-quality commercial building materials and repair services with unmatched service. We sell & install a variety of products for both commercial and custom residential projects. Our trained commercial specialists are ready to assist with your project, both large & small.

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Las Vegas Commercial Available Services & Repair Options

Services include, but are not limited to;

AAADM Certification of Auto Doors, Fire Door Repair, Locksmith Services, Hollow Metal Doors, Glass & Aluminum ADA Assist Operators & Automatic Doors, Commercial Door Closers, Security Gates, Vehicle Entry Gates, Warehouse Loading Dock Equipment, Pedestrian Entry and Exit Doors & Specialty Door Repairs and Installation.

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Specialty Door Repairs & Services​

Doors need to operate properly and safely and are important to the daily operation of your business. Our commercial and industrial service division has a well-trained group of service technicians ready to serve you! From roof hatches, air curtains to traffic impact doors and more, we install, service and repair all types of specialty or commercial doors in Southern Nevada.

Warehouse Loading Dock Equipment

Safe and properly operating loading dock equipment is what keeps your products coming and going. Dock equipment repairs can become very costly item if not serviced and maintained by specialty technicians who know what they are doing. Having just one dock door out of commission can lead to costly downtime and if it is your only dock door, that becomes an instant priority. Call Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. and our highly trained technicians will get your dock equipment back on track! The faster that a loading dock equipment situation can be assessed, the faster we can get your business back to operating at its full capacity.

Vehicle Entry Gates

Automated entry gates have become commonplace these days, not only for the "push to open" ability, but also for the added security that they can provide. If it has been a long day and you drive up to your automated entry gate, push the button and the gate does not open, what is next? Calling the Commercial Services Division at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. for residential and commercial services is the answer.

No automated gate issue is too large or small. Our fast and reliable service technicians can make most repairs on-site and in one visit. From programming issues to replacing a bad motor, we are ready to exceed your expectations. Even if the gate needs extensive repairs, our company can get the gate or door open and secure it safely until the repairs can be completed. One call, and we are on our way. Contact our staff today, here.

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Pedestrian Entry & Exit Doors Services​


Having the entrance door(s) of your business operating safely keeps your valued customers coming and going with ease. ​We specialize in keeping your Automatic Doors, Glass & Aluminum Storefront, and Hollow Metal Doors working as they should. Our AAADM Certified technicians can perform the yearly inspection and certification of your automatic doors as well as maintenance and repairs of push/pull commercial doors, fire doors, & closers. We can diagnose the issues and have the doors of your business operating properly again in as little as a few minutes.

Our service trucks are fully stocked with the most commonly used closers,  parts and hardware so that we can get your entry or exit doors repaired quickly. Ensuring that your business doors are operating and locking properly eliminates the liability that can be created by a door that isn’t functioning as it should.

Security Gates & Grilles​

Security Gates and Grilles are commonly used by businesses to secure the premises when closed for the night. Whether your gates are manual or electronically operated, our certified technicians are trained to install, service and repair. Our company understands the importance of opening your business for the day as well as securing it when closed. Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. Commercial Technicians can provide the expert maintenance and repair to keep your security gates operating properly.

Our commercial door services include maintenance, repair, and installation. In addition, contact our team for commercial garage door repairs & service.

Commercial Doors

We install safety screens for germ safety. Safety screens are used for commercial & industrial work station separation when safe worker distance can't be provided. 

Safety Screens

We cater to commercial doors and lock systems as well as offering repair service for automatic, sliding, swing and industrial doors in Las Vegas.

Touchless Swing Doors

Custom commercial glass storefront installation for buildings available. 

Commercial Glass & Aluminum - Replacement, Installation & Service.  

Glass Aluminum ADA Assist Operators & Automatic Doors

Automatic and ADA Assist Doors allow customers “hands free” access to your business. The popularity and necessity of automatic doors has increased substantially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our highly trained AAADM Certified Technicians can provide the yearly certifications as required by law as well as fast and dependable installations, service and repairs which reduces liability for you as a business owner. For buildings that require ADA assist openers it is essential to keep them always operating properly. Our technicians are trained to service and maintain them so that you can rest assured that they will function as needed.

Fire Doors Repair & Servicing

In the event of an emergency, Fire Doors within a business are essential to the safety of both employees and customers. Most are not easily seen and go unnoticed until that critical moment when they are activated. As many sit unused for months at a time, it's difficult to determine if there's a problem. Having fire doors inspected, tested and adjusted gives comfort and trust as a business owner that they will operate properly if an emergency situation arises. Even though code requirement for complete Fire door service and testing is annually, Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. recommends having Fire Door Drop Tests performed every six (6) months.

Locksmith Repair Services

From simple “Re-Keying” to the installation of new Locks, Deadbolts, Thumb Turns, Panic Bars, and other exit devices our Highly Trained Service Technicians can handle it all. Most lock issues can be resolved quickly using the materials on our fully stocked service vehicles. Many times, a locking issue is nothing more than a simple door adjustment and our Technicians ensure every component of your door is in safe and proper operating condition. “Everything it needs, and nothing it does not.”

If you're looking to install a fitted commercial hand dryer for your business, you're in the right place.  Contact our company for installation of hand dryers

Install toilet paper dispensers for your commercial business. 

Get paper roll holders, soap dispensers & more with installation available.

Safety grab bars in the bathroom are available for install and can help keep anyone safe from bathroom falls & accidents when visiting your business. 

Durable bathroom partition stalls are ideal for schools, restaurants & commercial buildings. Toilet partitions are enclosures for commercial restrooms.

Public restroom supplies are a must. Keep commercial bathrooms stocked with soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers & more.   

We offer top of the line large and small custom commercial mirrors and mirrored walls installation for businesses in the Las Vegas area.

commercial baby changing station.jpg

Commercial baby changing stations and tables are available for purchase and installation with Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc.

Welcome to Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. where we've been serving the Las Vegas community for 20+ Years. Fireplaces, custom glass and commercial services available.