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Safety Screens & Sneeze Guards

Commercial Sneeze Guard Installs in Las Vegas

Social distancing measures have been enforced across the globe. The unfortunate circumstances of the COVID-19 virus has forced many businesses around the Las Vegas Valley to pivot quickly to follow new health guidelines in order to maintain providing services for customers. Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. is able to provide businesses with a variety of safety barriers & screens that can help protect customers and help avoid the spreading of illness.


Keep your business’ customers safe from bacteria and germs with sneeze guards! Protect your customers from splashes and sprays with plastic barriers that come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Splash guards, acrylic shields, sneeze guards made of plexiglass, cashier protective dividers and other types of see through partitions are available with installation for your business or desired area. These products are meant for commercial and industrial use.

Custom sizes are available with installation for restaurants, small or large businesses, casinos, movie theaters, grocery stores, banks & more. Sneeze guard solutions can also be made available for portable, screw-on attachment or any hanging needs! These clear shields create the physical barrier between employees & customers. 


If you or somebody you know is in need of installing custom safety barriers in Las Vegas for their business, contact us by filling out our service request form or by calling 702.474.4099 to speak with a customs specialist.

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