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Commercial Roll Up Doors

Counter Shutters, High-Speed Doors, Fire Doors & Roll Up Doors

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. services commercial & industrial customers in Las Vegas, NV and offers the highest quality roll up door products & installation in the industry. We sell, maintain and repair commercial doors, operators, rolling steel doors, roll up garage doors, and more. Allow us to demonstrate why our commercial doors installs are some of the highest performance products in Nevada on the market.

We install quality commercial overhead roll up door products - Contact our team, here.


Commercial roll up doors must be able to tolerate the daily operations of your business, be secure enough to keep your workplace safe when closed and operate easily. We provide custom doors, gates designed for most openings, applications, or specific operating condition needs.

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Commercial door services include, but are not limited to; H.D. service doors, counter shutters, high speed doors, fire doors, fire rated coiling counter doors, rolling sheet doors, roll up doors, side coiling & accordion grilles. For more information about commercial & industrial roll up doors for sale in the Las Vegas area, contact a commercial professional at 702-474-4099 or by filling out the contact form, here.

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