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Grab Bars & Safety Handrails

Grab Bars for Fiberglass Showers, Shower Enclosures, Toilets & Bathtubs 

In need of extra support in the shower, near a toilet or somewhere else in your home or office? Grab bars come in different styles and sizes to help accommodate anyone's preferences who may need them installed. Safety bars improve safety in your home, business or office and are required to satisfy ADA compliance.


Grab safety bars are meant for your shower, bathtub or places that extra support may be needed in your home or office to stand up. They help with balancing to stand or pivot from one position to another. When home safety rails are installed, discs are put in place as support to evenly divide weight to avoid fiberglass or other materials from cracking.

Grab Bars & Safety Handrails from Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc.

Need assistance in transferring into and out of a shower enclosure, tub or elsewhere due to injury or pain? Purchase a grab bar. These are great in aiding to help prevent slipping and falling. Aside from helping prevent falling, installation of safety grab bars improve your stability in a bathtub or stand-up shower as well as assist you when entering and exiting them. Questions? Contact a professional for answers you're looking for.

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