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Waste Receptacles  

Napkins, Paper Towels, Trash Cans, Toilet Tissue & More

It sounds simple, but a restroom typically has a high volume of trash that gets generated & thrown away throughout the day. Do you have a proper waste management system in place for the garbage? Our company offers a selection of indoor trashcans for commercial restrooms. Bobrick trash receptacles are a durable choice for any public bathroom.


If your restroom does not utilize powered hand dryers and instead provides paper towels, a designated spot for waste should be used. Waste receptacles in public restrooms promote cleanliness while providing a sanitary destination for paper towels and other trash that is generated. This promotes proper hygiene practices as well as allows items to be funneled into one spot to be thrown away for employees and customers of a business.

It’s also not often thought of to have a proper disposal container for feminine hygiene products in public restrooms. If a form of disposal is not in sight, one may be prompted to potentially dispose of these items by flushing them down the toilet. This can cause plumbing issues and is not environmentally friendly.

Contact a washroom accessories professional for answers about commercial restroom waste disposals.

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