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Indoor Gas Fireplaces​​

Purchase Natural Gas Fireplaces: Sales, Installation & Repairs 

Are you wanting to add an indoor gas fireplace to your home or are you building a new home and are in need of a gas fireplace install? You're in the RIGHT PLACE. For over 20 years, we've specialized in gas fireplace sales and installation across the Las Vegas Valley. An indoor gas fireplace is most often a main focus for the space its occupying while adding heat and elegance to a room. Most of the time, you will find TVs or paintings above them to illuminate the room's focal point. Combining materials such as wood, stone and metal, indoor gas fireplaces are elegant, add value to your home and can heat up the entire room it’s in. Contact a team member today!

Finding & Installing Your Dream Indoor Gas Fireplace Is Simple With Us 

Whether it's a direct vent, linear, gas, wood burning (very rare) or a ventless gas fireplace, we offer the top indoor fireplaces from many fireplace manufacturers. For a simple install, we recommend a direct-vent gas fireplace. This fireplace style can be installed on any exterior wall and will vent out the back of the unit.

Natural gas fireplaces nowadays have easy to light options that allow you to have access to a fire with a thermostat, switch or remote control. In addition, the flames of an indoor gas fireplace that look like real wood and are functional without the mess and fumes that come from typical wood fireplaces.


If you'd like to add a gas fireplace, contact a fireplace representative or technician at 702-474-4099 for information about stipulations with these units to see if it's possible.

Gas Fireplace Inserts: An Alternative To Replace Existing Fireplaces


Another very good option to consider when looking for a new indoor gas fireplace, or if your old unit has become inoperable, is a fireplace insert. Dependent on your situation, Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. can recommend and install a gas, insert in Las Vegas. A fireplace insert is a firebox that is surrounded by a steel shell intended to replace an old fireplace and fit the old space of the inoperable unit. They’re a safe alternative and can also save you some money because they cost a lot less than having to replace your entire fireplace. 

We Offer Top Indoor Gas Fireplace Brands Available For Sale


Whether you know exactly what contemporary or linear gas fireplace you'd like or you still have some questions before wanting to make a purchase, we can help! We offer top indoor gas fireplaces with installation from brands that include: Heat & Glo, Heatilator, Valor, Ortal, Isokern, Monessen, Napoleon, MedotaEuropean Home & More.

Click below for the top-selling Las Vegas indoor gas fireplaces on sale offered at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc.

Questions About Purchasing & Installing A New Quality Fireplace?
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Heat & Glo Fireplace

Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces

Heat and Glo indoor gas fireplace inserts are available to view and purchase in our showroom. Learn everything there is to know about this brand and it's products from our experts. All purchases can include installation and there's Heat & Glo fireplaces available on ​display in our showroom. 

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Heatilator Fireplaces

Heatilator Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Heatilator is a leading and reliable brand when it comes to their selection of indoor gas fireplaces that are available at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. Browse gas fireplaces available for purchase and contact our team with any questions.

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Valor fireplaces

 Valor Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Valor fireplaces are more than just your average indoor gas fireplace. See what's available to order by scrolling through the images and if you'd like to see one in person, we have one of their fireplaces on display in our showroom.

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Ortal Heating Fireplaces

Ortal Indoor Gas Fireplaces

"Redesigning fire, for more than 30 years, Ortal has been the world’s premier designer and builder of high-quality contemporary frameless indoor gas fireplaces. Ortal’s engineers and designers are focused on exceeding the expectations of our worldwide customers and the architectural design industry."


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European Home Fireplaces

European Home Indoor Gas Fireplaces

"Whatever your design aesthetic or style, you’ll find the perfect modern fireplace with European Home." European Home offers indoor & outdoor gas + wood fireplaces fore sale and have a line of beautiful electric fireplaces as well. 


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Napleon Fireplaces

Napoleon Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Depending on your taste and style, Napoleon indoor fireplaces offer a lot of your more standard looking direct vent & ventless indoor gas fireplaces.These units are reliable and available for purchasing & installation through our company. 

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Isokern Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Modern indoor fireplaces with elegant builds to fit the need of any interior redesign. These fireplaces are available at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. and if you have any additional questions about the construction of these fireplace models, our staff of experts can help answer to the best of our ability. 

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Monessen Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Monessen has been a leading hearth industry company for ventless indoor gas products since 1993 when it began. They offer indoor gas fireplaces, fireboxes and fireplace inserts which can be purchased from our showroom. "No matter your style, situation or space, we’ve likely got a product just right for you!"

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