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Glass Countertops

Transform Your Space with Stunning Glass Countertops

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. strives to be a one-stop-shop for all your glass needs. Quality customer service is always our top priority when serving you. ​Get the perfect fitting custom glass counter tops! 

Glass counter tops have become popular in recent years and can help uplift the style and increase the value of any property. They are a reliable and strong replacement to other materials used such as marble and granite that don’t require special sealants, which makes easier to keep clean.


Unless you choose a certain stain for your glass counter tops, they are usually see through which may give off the impression that they are less durable which couldn’t be further from the truth. Glass counter-tops are not only durable, but are long lasting and don’t fade as quickly as other materials used in building counters. Glass tabletops or counters will not melt or burn and are stain resistant because of their impermeable surfacing.

Table Top Glass Cut to Size

Create a perfect fitted custom tabletop for your home, office or other space needed with custom glazing done by our team. Our custom counter tops services include, but are not limited to: glass counter tops for bars, glass counter height tables, glass counter tops in bathrooms, glass display countertops, glass countertops for bathroom vanities, glass countertops for the kitchen, glass counter for shops & other custom glass jobs!


Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. creates unique designs that fit the specifics of your glass countertops needs in the kitchen, bar or anywhere you’d like to have one! If you or somebody you know is interested in installing custom glass countertops in Las Vegas for their home, contact us by filling out our service request form or by calling 702.474.4099 to speak with a custom glass specialist.

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