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Patio Heaters

Gas Heaters & Commercial Patio Heating

An outdoor fireplace doesn't always have to be your solution. Commercial patio heaters that are outdoors are an easy way to add heat to any entertainment area while to keep an outside area warm during cold weather. Aside from upgrading your patio area with a warmer environment, gas or electric heaters offer have other reasons that make them a fitting choice for your outside heater needs. There are two types of patio heaters for outdoors available, gas & electric.


Electric or natural gas patio heaters are energy efficient and easily can heat an area and the items in that area including furniture, walls, flooring plus other items, rather than just heating up the air they are around. Once those items are heated by the electric heater they heat the air around those items, allowing limited heat from your heater to be wasted.

Bromic Outdoor Heater
Bromic Outdoor Patio Heater
Bromic Outdoor Gas Heater
Bromic Outdoor Gas Patio Heater
Bromic Outdoor Heaters For Sale

Bromic patio heaters work amazing in hotels, restaurants, outdoor kitchens & backyards and deliver the perfect balance of performance, heat and reliability. The company goal is to fulfill consumer outdoor heating needs in homes & businesses. Commercial propane gas heaters for the most part are portable and great for those on-the-go, worksites, backyard patios, events and more. How long they last is dependent on the BTU input of the unit and for more information, ask a specialist.

Please Note: An outdoor heater, especially one that runs on propane gas, is not designed for inside use because it is dangerous and potentially very damaging. Photos & video provided by Bromic Heating, available at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. Browse the best patio heaters for sale at our Las Vegas showroom by clicking here

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