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Floating Glass Wall Shelves

Installing Glass Shelves, Wall Mount, Brackets & More

Are you looking to install custom glass shelves or ledges cut to order? You’re in the RIGHT PLACE. Our glass shelves that are custom made can come in basically any sizing and we install them as well.

Glass shelving can also be referred to as “floating shelves” because there is no visible supports, giving them the illusion of floating on a wall. These custom glass shelves are available in rectangle or square shapes and can hold as much weight as any other kinds of shelves. If you want to install glass floating wall shelves in your house of any size, contact our team here.

Install custom floating glass shelves to help showcase the beauty of your priceless items you'd like to display and available in many different styles, thicknesses & textures to accent your office or home. Some places in your space that are perfect for glass shelves and brackets are: bathrooms (showers, walls), kitchens (cabinets & pantries), game rooms, laundry rooms, wet bars, fitness rooms, offices or home decor.


Create custom looks with glass shelves from Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. There are many different shapes and variations to consider when thinking about installing your new glass shelving which includes thickness of the glass you’d like, the color, and the type of edge finish on your shelves.

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