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Deciding On The Perfect Custom Glass and Mirror Designs For Your Home

Do you live in the Las Vegas area and are looking to add custom glass to the interior of your home? Custom glass elements add a modern and clean look to the original design or any home or office. There’s a few areas specifically that look amazing with custom glass.

Use Custom Glass When Doing A Bathroom Redesign

There’s many available options when designing remodels with custom glass in the bathroom. Some of the obvious may be a glass mirror or custom shower glass, but there’s also other options that might not first come to mind.

Did you know you can create glass partitions or floating glass shelves to help separate the room and add more available storage space without cluttering the room? Based on the size of your space, these designs are simply executed and won’t break the bank.

Adding Flare to a Guest Rooms With Glass

Have a spare room that you use for an office, gym space or room for guests to stay? These rooms are usually easier to be more experimental with and can be a great opportunity to add some custom glass. You can add a mirrored wall for an exercise area as just an example of this.

Glass Barn Doors & Entry Doors

Have you ever wanted to create the visual of more space in your living room without actually having the space you’d like to have? This can be done by creating a more open feel illusion with a living room glass table or glass end tables to add to your space. Our team will see the space you are working with to evaluate and let you know your best options of adding custom glass to your living room.

Custom Glass For Dining Areas Available

Looking for that dream tabletop or glass element to add to your dining area in the home? We have all the answers when looking for a glass and mirror Las Vegas company. Whether you’re thinking of a custom glass countertop or about building a glass dining table to fit your specific needs, our team of professional glass cutters can sizer, cut and install your ideas to life!

No matter the job, big or small, allow Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. an opportunity to show you the options available in developing and cutting custom glass creations for your home or office. Speak with a glass professional today by calling 702-474-4099 or visiting more information about our custom glass department here.

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