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Glass Tabletops

Custom Tempered Glass for Home, Office & Commercial 

A custom glass table can enhance the look of the room that it is located in and tables that have glass tops are very easy to maintain. Low quality glass has a probability of shattering due to high temperatures and unpredictable accidents so this is something you’ll want done right and correctly. 


Glass table tops are a nice way to enhance any living space. If you have a room that has multiple tabletops in it, the room can seem a bit crowded. With glass tabletops, you'll have the ability to create a deception that rooms seem much larger than they actually are. The fact that they are see through allows you to show off a rug or flooring design as well. 


Our Glass Experts Create Custom Designs & Replace Glass Or Shattered Glass Tables

A glass top that is transparent helps in creating the illusion of space in the rooms that they are in. They (glass table tops) look amazing in traditional or vintage spaces but also in contemporary and modern homes as well. Note: A tempered glass tabletop design lowers the chances of your glass tabletop breaking or shattering.

Our company specializes in custom glass table tops, glass end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables, desktops, glass office furniture and conference room tables in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and thickness of your tabletop.

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. is a full service glass company in Las Vegas. If you need a replacement glass or a new custom glass piece for your tabletop, counters or another custom glazing option, contact us to setup an appointment to speak with a specialty glass installer for your home, office, commercial or builder needs. Contact 702-474-4099.

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