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Remodel Alert: Redesigning Your Bathroom Shower Enclosures & Mirrors

Updated: May 24, 2019

Are you a homeowner looking to sell, rent or just spice up a few spots in your home without having to completely gut the rooms? One of the easiest projects to start on is a bathroom renovation or restoration.

A bathroom remodel or modification can give the restroom a completely new look without having to invest money that will break the bank.

Have you looked into having a glass shower enclosure? A stock tub or shower with curtains that you’ve more than likely had in your restroom for quite some time looks far from elegant. We understand if you’re feeling in need of a bathroom remodel. If you’re looking for a contemporary bathroom look that’s easy on the eyes, a glass shower enclosure is probably the answer to your restroom remodeling questions.

Another bathroom remodel idea to consider might be a glass mirrored privacy wall, also known as a bathroom partition, made from glass which works great when separating a toilet area from the rest of the bathroom. This is commonly done in restrooms with smoked glass and adds a modern touch that still allows privacy for the desired room its installed in.

Every restroom needs, or should have if it doesn’t already, a bathroom mirror. Not many really look at bathroom mirrors as being able to serve a lot purpose other than the obvious reasons. You can look at yourself when you're styling your applying makeup, doing your hair, dancing to your favorite song while

getting ready or even shaving. But what if you were told you that bathroom mirrors also can change the shape of the restroom or place that it is in, making that bathroom seem much bigger than it might be? Well, it’s true!

Most never even consider it, but you can also replace tile in your bathrooms with glass mirrors to revamp the look of the space. Mirror coloring is often as well considered a “neutral” color, which can help in the long run if you’re constantly wanting to change styles of your restroom.

An improved mirror display in your bathroom, or any room in need of a glass mirror makeover, can make spending time in there more relaxing for you, family or guests that you have visiting your home.

If you’re in need of bathroom mirrors or custom glass work such a shower enclosure, wine cellar, glass counter tops, table tops or an office space, feel free to reach out to the glazing professionals at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. We’d love to help!

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