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Top 4 Reasons You Should Check or Service Your Fireplace Yearly

Updated: May 24, 2019

When thinking about your home or business and what needs to be looked at, it’s probably super rare to consider servicing your gas fireplace amongst that laundry list of yearly maintenance needed. But the truth is, just like any home repair, you can avoid hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future damages with a simple checkup that will cost you pennies in comparison to those huge costs that could potentially happen.

Below are the Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Fireplace Yearly and how our company, Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. can help!

#1. Maintain The Value

Fireplaces can range in price from a few hundred dollars well into five figures, depending on your taste. So why not nurture what is meant to be a long term investment? Especially in a buyer / seller’s market such as Las Vegas, a fireplace can add significant value to your home.

According to a survey conducted in 2012, buyers rank fireplaces as one of the three amenities they'd most like in their house. Additionally, 60 percent of new homes have a fireplace, up from 36 percent in the 1970s. The median additional price buyers looking in the market were willing to pay was $1,220, but fireplaces can boost a home's value by as much as $12,000 in some locations. (via source

#2. It’s For Your Safety

Lions & Tigers & Bears... Oh my! Well, that might be a bit drastic. But, it isn’t unusual to find a spider nesting in your fireplace or some type of small rodent hidden within your mantel. In the chimney or a place that you are unable to see, there’s many types of specimens or various other types of issues that can arise with a fireplace gone untouched for quite some time.

In addition, it’s very common to stumble upon loose connections which can lead to a gas leak throughout your home the next time it is turned on, without your knowledge.

#3. Preventative Maintenance

There’s steps that should not be overlooked maintaining for a gas fireplace to always be in it’s best shape. Access panels & fireplace cleaning require the proper tools and knowledge to ensure steps aren't missed when inspecting, repairing and cleaning your fireplace. Our staff has the tools, licensing and experience to ensure all risks can be avoided when needing to keep your fireplace(s) up to standard, allowing it to keep running smoothly!

#4. Avoid Costly Gas Fireplace Repairs

Imagine the check engine light comes on in your car and you acknowledge that it does. But then you decide, "I’ll push it." You continue to do so until… Boom, something starts smoking happens and you need a new transmission, engine or even a whole new car.

Now take that concept and apply it to your gas fireplace repair, but this time (in most cases) there’s no light to warn you and years have gone by. What does and does not work properly anymore? How would you be able to tell? This is why our team based on our 20+ years of experience in the industry recommends an annual yearly check & fireplace cleaning.

Gas Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

Are you looking for a Las Vegas or Henderson fireplace service and repair or even a new unit? You’re in the RIGHT PLACE. Contact a fireplace service technician for Nevada by calling 702-474-4099 or simply submit a service request here.

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