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Shopping For New Fireplace Doors

Custom Fireplace Doors, Adjustable Doors & Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors have the ability to increase the energy efficiency of a home by acting as a barrier between your house and the chimney of your fireplace. When shopping fireplace doors available (including custom doors), there's a few bits of information that you should have available in order for our team to track down the proper doors for your fireplace. 

  • What is the Make (brand name) # of your gas fireplace?

  • What is the Model # of your fireplace?

  • What are the dimensions of your fireplace? (Height, width and depth)

Add efficiency and safety to your fireplace with a set of new fireplace doors. Once the above questions have been answered, our fireplace service department can reach out to the proper fireplace manufacturer.

Please note: Especially with older fireplaces, some fireplace companies are now out of business therefore leaving limited options for some fireplaces. If our company is unable to help you find the custom fireplace doors that fit your unit, we will provide all the information we can to the best of our ability on solutions for replacing your fireplace doors. 

If the company that created your fireplace is no longer in business, which happens quite often more than you would think, that's okay and you're in the right place! Custom built fireplace doors & screens can be created in most cases and bring a new level of style to your fireplace that you, family & friends can enjoy for years. 


Adding custom fireplace doors to an existing unit helps reduces heating & cooling costs and provides protection for your family and home.

Shop Gas Fireplace Doors & Fireplace Accessories

If you are choosing a gas fireplace glass door set for an existing fireplace or new, there's a few options to consider which our fireplace team will be glad to help you out with. Additional questions? Click here.

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