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Top Tips: Installing Bathroom Mirrors To Create More Space

Since 2000, our company has been installing high quality glass mirrors for homes and businesses across the Las Vegas Valley. We strive to enhance your bathroom or desired area with our custom glass mirrors.

Adding a custom mirror to your bathroom is a much easier process than most may think. When wanting to create more space without having much of a space to use, the illusion of more space given by a glass mirror installation may be all that your bathroom is missing.

Your Glass Mirror Needs To Be Replaced? You’re in the RIGHT PLACE.

The experts of Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. will custom cut mirrors to fit any bathroom wall in your home. We’re licensed, insured and will make sure that the glass mirrors we install are properly supported.

How The Custom Glass Mirror Process Works

Our glass technicians will come to your home to review your bathroom mirror project. During the review, they will provide the types of glass options available for your desired needs so you get the exact type of glass mirrors needed. Our team then cut, deliver and install your glass mirrors.

Contact A Custom Glass Mirror Professional Today

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. is a glass company in Las Vegas that specializes in custom glass work which includes mirrors, bathroom partitions, glass shower enclosures & more! We offer our custom glass mirror services for both commercial and residential projects.

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