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Light Up Your Summer Nights With The Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit

With summer fast approaching, the night time activities will shortly follow and what better way to spend a night with friends and family than with a custom fire pit. If you're thinking about installing a fire pit, keep in mind that the style and size will depend on your space available outside.

A fire pit provides warmth, is great for gatherings, and is a relaxing addition to any yard that has one installed. Depending on your budget, the location that you want the fire pit to be installed and materials used, a fire pit can be custom built as a permanent fixture in your yard or there’s portable options available that can be easily moved around the yard.

Hearth & Home Specialties Offers Many Fit Pit Options in Las Vegas

Fire pits come in a wide range of sizes, designs, styles and shapes so no matter the space you’re working with, there are options available for you. Most fire pits are between 20 and 48 inches square or in diameter unless the job is extremely custom which makes safety a large factor when planning to build a fire pit.

Most firepits should be installed at least 10 feet away from any other outside structures including your home and trees in your yard to avoid. This will help keep the side of your home and the greenery in your outdoor area from getting too warm. Other items to consider when deciding which fire pit is the right type for your desired area: budget, location, HOA requirements with fire pits and the local code requirements.

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. has dozens of different sizes & styles of both built-in and portable fire pits available for purchase which can be viewed by clicking here. If you are thinking of getting a fire pit installed and have some questions, give us a call at 702.474.4099 to speak with a professional or visit our fireplaces showroom in Las Vegas.

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