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Shop Stellar! Custom Gas Fireplaces: Beautiful & Great For Remodeling.

Stellar Hearth Products are the most luxurious custom gas fireplaces available on the market & are available in Las Vegas, NV at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. Their fireplaces combine bold features and the latest in fireplace technology & perfectly blend them with your home remodel vision to create an indoor or outdoor hearth project you will love for decades to come.

Whether your home or business is in the market for something modern or wildly unique in its own elegant way, there really is nothing that Stellar Hearth Products cannot create. In most cases, the only limitation is what the imagination can come up with. No matter the circumstance, custom gas fireplaces from Stellar Hearth Products can work for you!

For gas & electric fireplaces, custom glass projects & commercial services (such as automatic doors & storefront entry systems) needed in the Las Vegas area, contact our company at 702-474-4099 or here for information on how we can help your ideas come to life.

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