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Beat The Rush! Service & Repair Your Fireplace in Warmer Weather.

When was the last time you had your gas fireplace repaired or serviced? Fireplaces should be serviced annually and its best to do that in the months where the unit might not be used as much. If you need gas fireplace repairs, contact Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. in Las Vegas. Our company will maintain, service and repair all types of fireplaces to ensure it can continue working properly all year long.

Have you ever had a moment where you know for months that something should get taken care of but by the time you’re ready to actually handle it, it’s too late? The most relatable situation is probably when someone has their driver’s license expiring.

Don’t Get Stuck In “Traffic” When Needing Your Gas Fireplace Repaired

Over the years, we’ve noticed a surge in phone calls for services during the colder months when it’s realized, in most cases too late, that their fireplace has become inoperable. Though it’s never an issue and we’re in the business of fireplace repair, we would hate to see a customer who needs an immediate solution with nothing available in our servicing schedule for 1-2 weeks.

Contacting us right when the gas fireplace issue occurs or getting to the fireplace before a problem has happened can help keep your fireplace running smoothly.

We Sell Fireplace Parts And Repair or Service Your Gas Fireplace

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. are one of the only licensed companies that specializes in installing and selling repair parts for fireplaces in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. If you are looking to have your fireplace serviced, click to fill out service request form and a member from our staff will contact you! Fireplace services include: new fireplace build-outs, repairs & fireplace cleaning.

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