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Deciding Which Patio Heater Is The Perfect Fit For You This Summer

The perfect patio heater can help in creating a comfortable ambiance in its desired space. Whether you’re having family over, a gathering of friends or simply need some downtime alone, patio heaters provide the feelings of calm and comfort.

Here’s The Three Types Of Heating Options Available For Outdoor Heaters

Propane Heaters: When using a propane heater outdoors, it is recommended to not use these heaters in an enclosed area. Though they warm up the space that they occupy easily, having them enclosed can cause a buildup in carbon monoxide which increases the risk of poisoning or injury. Patio heaters should always have clearance on all sides and it’s recommended that there’s a three foot clearance above the heater and a two foot gap to combustibles on each side.

Electric Heaters: These patio heaters are not as powerful as propane heaters in most cases, but are a more convenient way to power the heater because many backyards have outdoor electrical outlets available. Electric patio heaters are energy efficient and easily can heat an area and the items in that area, rather than just heating up the air surrounding them. Once items are heated by the electric heater, they heat the air around those items, allowing limited heat from your heater to be wasted.

Natural Gas Heaters: This type of outdoor heater is a space heater used to provide warmth to an outdoor area by burning natural gas. This is usually an option chosen by homeowners who are remodeling or building a new home. Before choosing the heater option they’d like to use, a convenient natural gas outlet needs to be installed if you’d like to power your new outdoor patio heater this way.

Safety Warning: Please take into consideration that outdoor heaters, especially ones that run on propane or natural gas, should never be used indoors due to the potentially very dangerous outcomes that can occur. Carbon monoxide poisoning is highly plausible if you use a patio heater designed for outdoors inside and it is not recommended to ever do so by our staff.

Which is the better outdoor heater option: natural gas, propane or electric?

Truthfully, it just depends on what your plans are for the unit and the space it will be occupying.

Upgrade your patio area with a warmer environment by using natural gas, propane or an electric heater. Outdoor patio heaters add heat to any area to keep an outside area warm in the evening or during cold weather. Click here to browse a variety of patio heaters available for sale in Las Vegas at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc.

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