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Items To Consider When Shopping For An Outdoor Fireplace in Las Vegas

Have you been looking into outdoor renovations for your home? The first thing that should come to mind is an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces extend the use of any backyard area and unlike firepits, a fireplace that's outside can really define your patio or deck as a main focal point for entertainment and more.

Current home owner trends have been showing that outdoor fireplaces have been steadily gaining popularity in new homes and remodels. It’s a very intimate and easy way to create a relaxing outdoor environment for reading, gatherings and enjoying a meal with friends or family.

Outdoor Fireplaces Are Great Focal Points & Gathering Spots

Is the weather typically always warm where you live? That’s no issue. An outdoor fireplace easily becomes an extended area of your home and will motivate you in wanting to spend more time outdoors. One of the biggest positives of an outdoor fireplace is it grants you the ability for more outside time throughout the year!

Can I Put An Outdoor Fireplace Anywhere In My Backyard?

It is always a necessity to check your local area building codes and get proper licensing information before you begin investing in your outdoor fireplace. Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. recommends consulting with an outdoor fireplace professional in our showroom, through this contact form or via phone at 702.474.4099 for codes and requirements for your local area.

Code requirements can differentiate with outdoor fireplaces that use natural gas, propane or burn wood. Gas lines are required for some outdoor units and it’s always good to check safe spots to use your stationary or portable outdoor fireplaces.

So, What’s The Next Step In Looking For My Outdoor Fireplace Ideas?

If you’ve decided that you’d like to install an outdoor fireplace, the next step is to speak with us! With our highly trained fireplace experts, we will gladly walk you through the process and steps of purchasing your new outdoor fireplace. Our Las Vegas fireplace showroom is open on weekdays 7:30am-4pm to best serve you.

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