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Top Benefits of Vehicle Restraints & Commercial Loading Dock Equipment

Loading dock restraints can be very helpful in commercial work settings. They require many safety features to protect workers including the ability to keep trucks and other commercial vehicles in place while cargo is being loaded and unloaded from docks.

Are Their Benefits of Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints?

Loading docks are usually very busy and require a lot of coordination when loading & unloading heavy material from commercial trucks. Using vehicle dock loaders & restraints can help reduce the amount of accidents on your company’s loading dock.

Here’s a few examples of how vehicle restraints help loading dock efficiency.

  1. Increased safety

  2. Keeps commercial vehicles safe while workers load and unload the freight

  3. Eliminate gap between vehicle and the dock

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Different Types of Loading Dock Vehicle Restraints?

Every loading dock is a different shape, size and at a different elevation. So, with that being noted, it's important to have your commercial vehicle restraints customizable. A few of the most popular choices when looking to install commercial dock loaders are:

  • Hydraulic Vehicle Restraints

  • Electric Vehicle Restraints

  • Mechanical Vehicle Restraints

Some dock loader configurations include stop and go light communication & other forms of safety features to signal to workers whether the restraint is engaged or not.

Questions About Commercial Loading Dock Restraints?

The team at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. can help you decide which of the following commercial dock loading equipment options would best suit your commercial needs. If you feel like this is the perfect option for your business needs, contact our staff, here.

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