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Glass Partitions Offer Countless Options For Office & Room Design

Glass partitions are made of high-quality glass and are often used as room dividers. Partition walls made of glass are usually full glass (floor to ceiling or wall) partitions but in some cases, aluminum frames or other types of hardware are put into place in order to hold these durable pieces of glass steady and in place.

“Office partitions were created by the furniture company, Herman Miller more than 40 years ago. They invented the idea of cubicles - those tiny workspaces that are partitioned off by a series of panels. These were designed to save space, while also giving employees the comfortability of having their own space.” via Fast Fitouts

If you’re the owner of an office building or a commercial space, the thought may of crossed your mind on ways of giving the rooms a facelift. Glass partitions offer countless options for room design. When using glass, it gives your partitions high-grade quality while making the room brighter and opening up the space that they are located in. They also help in condensing the sound of the room which helps everyone to work more diligently.

Unlike many other partition options, custom glazed partitions made of glass can be designed to fit your specific needs. With today’s modern technology, many different styles can be accomplished with frosting or even printing on the glass to add a unique design to your glass partitions project. Of all the benefits that glass partitions provide, one of the greatest is their ability to make the most of natural lighting. Transform any workspace into a brighter, more open space by introducing custom glazing!

Looking for home or office glass partition ideas? With 20+ years of experience, Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. has helped with custom glass projects in bathrooms, outdoor areas, kitchens, bars, living rooms, fitness rooms garages and more. If you can envision it, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Contact a team member today by clicking here.

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