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Building Well Designed Commercial Restrooms For A Public Business or Place

If you’re a business owner today, you understand that the way your restroom looks and it’s serviceability play a huge roll on how customers and staff view your establishment.

What is the experience customers, visitors and staff are having when visiting your public restroom? Does your current bathroom need improvements? Luckily, there’s many ways to take your current restroom or plans to build a commercial bathroom and make those ideas come to life with Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc.

Do you own a building that you’re looking to lease? Having an up-to-date restroom facility is a great sales point when looking for a new building tenant or buyer!

There’s some very simple ways to make upgrades to your restroom and give it more space, without even having to bust down any walls. By using larger mirrors behind your vanities, the restroom seems more spacious and you can even leave space under your sinks. In some cases, pipes and other restroom accessories under the sink get covered. But, by leaving them open with just a slim counter plus the larger mirrors, you create the appearance of having a larger bathroom that is more spacious.

Are you up to code? Being up to the standards of ADA Compliance is super important. If you’re in an older building where the public restrooms haven’t been updated, your bathrooms probably aren’t up to code specifications. Our experienced staff at Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. can help guide your commercial restroom renovations as well as assist in helping you understand the standards you’ll want to guarantee hitting all ADA Compliances.

In conclusion: Staying in compliance, utilizing the space that you have, increasing the value of the property and keeping your employees & customers happy are the top priorities when doing a commercial restroom renovation. Here are some options to add or create from the ground up when building a commercial restroom for a business, park, recreation area or any public place!

Washroom Dispensers: Other than looking more appealing to the eye, hand dryers in your office or public restroom can have a huge impact on the environment. This includes soap dispensers, automatic sinks, paper towel dispensers & more! Contact a specialist for more information on these items from us! Learn more about your options by clicking here.

Bathroom Partitions: Their sole purpose is meant to allow privacy for those using the bathroom stalls in a public restroom. There are many options available but what needs to be installed will depend on what the specifications of the job are.

Disposal Units & Dispensers: In any business, having a garbage space (especially with no lid) that centralizes all garbage is not only gross to look at, but it’s also not very sanitary. Certain items should have certain places dedicated to them for dumping or disposing used products.

Baby Changers: Baby changing tables are safely built to last and help in preventing a customer’s infant or toddler from gaining an injury at your workplace.

Hand Dryers: Automatic Hand Dryer options are perfect for any public restroom and save a ton in the long run on office paper towel product supply purchases!

Are you looking for a Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City area fireplace store for service, fireplace repair or even a new unit? Are you in need of specialty glass work? Do you have a commercial restroom in need of new installments? You’re in the RIGHT PLACE. Contact a professional for by calling 702-474-4099 or simply submit a service request here.

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