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The Best Ways To Keep A Baby Or Toddler Safe From Fireplaces

A fireplace and new baby are definitely a bad combination if not taken seriously and baby-proofing the area should be a top priority of safety if you’re expecting a new child.

Babies are creatures of curiosity and burning flames can catch theirs eyes no different than a fly heading towards a trap. But how are you able to prevent damage without needing to lose the look and feel of your room? Heat is very dangerous to an intrigued baby, but it can be managed.

A Fire Safe Baby Gate Is Always A Great Option

If you are looking for a gate, it is recommended that the baby gate be mounted to the wall around the unit a safe enough distance from the fireplace. The recommended distance is 3ft from each side of the fireplace as well as 3 feet from the front. Also, please make sure the gate of your choice is fireproof or resists high heat very well so the gate doesn’t get hot.

Want to just avoid using or thinking about the fireplace when little ones are around? Turning off your pilot light is your safest option for your baby. No heat is being generated by your fireplace pilot guarantees that the glass door of your unit will not be hot or warm at all.

Avoid All Worry With Your Fireplace By Turning Off The Fireplace

The step to turning your pilot light off your pilot is simple in most cases. You’ll just need to turn off the gas at the wall with the key valve, counter clockwise, until it’s off. Don’t have a key? That’s when you may need to contact a specialist to come manually shut off your unit for you.

When a pilot light is put out or turned off on your gas fireplace, you may need assistance putting it back on when you’re ready and our staff will gladly assist you!

Replacing Your Gas Fireplace With An Electric Fireplace

This isn’t always a recommended option but if you are a new family that plans on continuing to add babies to your bunch, you may want to consider installing an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces have come a long way in recent years and with easy access to an on/off switch, temperature control and realistic flames, you can get the same desires of a gas fireplace without the worry of things such as hot fireplace glass.

Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. Is Here For Your Fireplace Needs

Regardless of the fireplace type (gas, electric or wood), the easiest way to keep your newborn, infant or toddler safe around your fireplace is to keep them away from it.

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