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Here’s 5 Great Ways To Utilize Floating Glass Shelves

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Floating Glass Shelves, Glass Wall Shelves, Bathroom Glass & More

Glass shelving or “floating shelves” have no visible supports and are an amazing way to add space to any room in your home or office. These custom glass shelves give the illusion that they are floating on the wall they are installed on, are available in a variety of shapes and can typically hold as much weight as any other kinds of relative shelves on the market.

#1: Use For Creating More Space In Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom smaller than you’d like?

That can cause some issues unless you’re able to utilize the space properly. Floating tempered glass shelves can be an economical solution for those looking to add more space to their current home or office restroom. Floating shelves can help manage all of your nicknacks including towels, makeup, toothbrushes and other vanity items you need access to daily while also adding a modern looking element of style.

#2: On The Wall That Your Television Hangs

Whether it’s for above or below your TV and main focus areas of your living area, floating shelves help free up space while displaying items in your home. People who choose to add these glass shelves to their home or office design tend to store lamps, games, remotes, internet routers, gaming consoles and more!

#3: Add More Storage In Your Laundry Room

Increase storage space and help organize your laundry process with floating glass shelves. The laundry room is one of the most popular when it comes to needing ways to organize and add more space which floating shelves do a great job in helping! If you don’t need the extra space for clean clothes or detergents, these shelves can add an element of design that can be used to display photos, artwork, plants or other items to make the room warmer while adding a touch of modern to the laundry room.

#4: Floating Shelves Are Great For Books or Movies

Are you someone who loves reading or watching movies but never have a proper place to display your favorites for easy access? Though floating shelves are most of the time narrow, they create a big impact. Floating shelves or floating corner shelves come in handy to store magazines or other items (that aren’t books or movies) that may be taking up a little too much space on your coffee table and sitting areas.

#5: Install In Your Kitchen For Dishes & More

Do you currently have wall space between your cabinets, above your stove or other miscellaneous wall space in your kitchen and are looking to add more storage? Floating shelves are also a great way to display decorative dishes and glasses as well as allowing easy access to spices and other cooking necessities in the kitchen.

Want to install floating shelves with materials other than glass? Contact our glazing department. Our staff would love to help and can point you in the right direction. Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. has strong relationships with talented craftspeople throughout the Las Vegas Valley for access to many materials. If we are unable to fulfill your needs, our team will do everything we can to get you pointed in the right direction to install the perfect shelving for you!

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