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Fireplace Parts Available

Indoor & Outdoor Gas Fireplace Parts For Sale

Looking for parts for your gas fireplace? You’re in the RIGHT PLACE and Hearth & Home Specialties, Inc. is your fireplace parts supplier. Our team keeps an inventory of select fireplace parts in stock and have access to order parts for fireplaces if something stops working. When it comes to fireplace repair, it helps the process to know which type of fireplace you have so we are able to identify the parts needed for your gas fireplace.

The Name, Make & Model Number Of The Fireplace That Needs Parts

The more information you can provide, especially over the phone, can allow our company to track down the exact part you need for your gas fireplace. If you are in possession of an older fireplace, some parts can be hard to come across or are discontinued.


In that case, our team will can help find you the best fit solution. 


Contact a staff member by filling out a request form here with the make, model & serial number (photos of your unit are always a plus) of your indoor or outdoor gas fireplace or by calling our fireplaces showroom at 702.474.4099 today.

If you don’t know the name of the part you need for your fireplace or don’t know what’s wrong with your unit, that’s no issue. Just describe best what seems to be the problem and our team can help!

Do You Have Fireplace Parts That Are Busted or Have Been Removed?


If so, you can bring you broken fireplace parts into our showroom to meet with a fireplaces specialist that can see if the fireplace part you require is available, discontinued or if there’s another solution for your unit needs.


Freshening up the look of your fireplace? We offer gas fireplace parts and supplies such as fireplace glass, sand, embers & lavarock for fireplace units. There's many different styles and colors available for order!

Replacement Fireplace Parts For Sale & Available At Our Showroom


Fireplace parts for sale that may need replacement include, but are not limited to: Valves, Pilot Assembly, Thermopile, Thermocouple, Remote, Fan, Control Module, Igniter Button & other various fireplace items that are available for order.

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