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Fireplace Mantels

For Modern Fireplaces, Contemporary, Wood Mantels & More 

A fireplace mantelpiece or mantel, is the frame opening of a fireplace. A natural gas or electric fireplace mantels original intent when it was first developed in the middle ages was to send smoke back up the chimney, instead of entering the room that the fireplace was located. These decorative pieces to your fireplace have a few key purposes, which are listed below.

Today, A Fireplace Mantel Serves And Focuses On Two Key Components

1. Esthetics - Fireplace mantels and surrounds really bring the style to life with your fireplace. Depending on the look and feel of the room, there’s a wide variety of mantelpiece styles available to choose from. Designs for fireplace mantels are available in heavy or lightweight wood & pre-cast stone. See the fireplace mantels & custom design options available here.


2. Direct Heating - The fireplace mantel directs heat into the room where your fireplace is located, rather than up the wall. This prevents overheating of walls or the surround areas, damaging whatever may be around the heated areas.

Fireplace Mantels Are For Sale And Available In Many Different Styles


Our large selection of fireplace mantels include modern, rustic, natural or contemporary. There's also electric fireplaces with mantels, too. When shopping in the market for a fireplace mantels, it helps to educate yourself what’s out there and our team of fireplace experts can point you in the right direction to ensure an educated purchase when upgrading fireplaces in your home or office. Don't forget to ask us about our replacement glass fireplace doors and see fireplace mantel ideas below.

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Ask our fireplace team about custom fireplace mantels, modern mantel shelves, wood mantels and more at 702-474-4099

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